Since its foundation in May 2002, ITS has developed and refined a focused strategy of purchasing new surplus and obsolete commercial aircraft parts from OEMs and authorized distributors, reselling them to various and diverse customers within the Aerospace Aftermarket industry.

Through their first acquisition of a complete aircraft in 2007, ITS’s Leaders redirected the company’s focus to support the Used Serviceable Material (USM) market and the global air transport industry. This
new strategy began with the MD-80 family and transformed ITS from a parts wholesaler into a global supply chain company. ITS began providing complex components and systems while developing in-house technical expertise on the entire airframe. Throughout the years, ITS has expanded the number of aircraft types they serve and has strategized with current and forecasted market demand to include support for various engines and APUs.

From humble beginnings, ITS has successfully developed into an industry-leading supply chain partner to the air transport aftermarket industry. Now headquartered in Chandler, Arizona, in a 100,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art facility, our ISO 9001:2015, AS9120B:2016, and ASA-100 accreditations ensure the highest level of quality expected by our customers.



ITS established with a large consignment of Factory New Excess & Obsolete Honeywell products.


Continues to focus on the purchase and resale of Excess and Obsolete products through its OEM relationships, such as Honeywell, Telair Cargo, & ITT Aerospace ITS begins to build its brand identity and reputation with its customer base.


Realizing that the customer base is diverse, and supply to support them is not sustainable in this model, causing continual customer turnover as supply runs out.

MILESTONE: ITS acquires its first complete aircraft for disassembly and enters the USM market. A McDonnell Douglas MD83 from Spirit Airlines: A new Strategy is formed to focus on a specific platform.


ITS continues to grow its new model. Aligning its supply with is growing customer base. ITS expanded into additional platforms, replicating the platform-specific niche and model by purchasing its first 737 Classic Aircraft in late 2008.


MILESTONE: ITS is awarded the Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 Classic Fleet retirement and Consignment agreement. ITS is also awarded the Southern Air Boeing 747 and 777 Consignment agreement bringing additional and expanded platforms to ITS.


Expanded our global presence by opening a sales and distribution facility in Dublin Ireland to grow and support our customer base in the EMEA region.


Recognizes the opportunity to expand into the Engine business. A dedicated Engine team was built to focus on Engines aligned with its Aircraft platform expertise. Acquires the first engine for part-out.


MILESTONE: Shifts its strategy to focus on End Users (Airlines, MROs, Leasing Companies). Implements its Focus, Growth, Retention, and Saturation strategy to align its products & services with supplying the ultimate consumers. Continues to expand and add more platforms to its offerings.


ITS sees the largest amount of Aircraft inducted through the organization. 42 aircraft, including 737s, 767s, 757s, 777s, A320/A321. Customer retention continues to grow, and the brand continues to expand globally.


Strategy continues to take hold, Key Customer retention rates end at the highest levels in the company’s history and the company continues to drive growth and expansion of the brand.


In the midst of COVID-19, ITS continues to look toward the future. Establishes its Vertical Integration strategy, aligning with Key MROs to help support long-term customer needs.


TS sets out to strengthen is pipeline of end of life assets to grow the support of its global customer base acquiring airframe, engine and QEC assets.

ITS is awarded fleet retirement contract with WestJet for 737-600 aircraft.

ITS receives additional 737 QEC and airframe material from it’s current consignment partners SAS & Southwest.

ITS is awarded the consignment of 4 CFM56-7B engine for part out.


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Our Mission

ITS is an expert nose-to-tail supply chain partner, committed to supporting the global air transport industry,
by delivering the best customer experience through value-added solutions.

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